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Training Services:

We are pleased to announce that we now offer a two hour Webinar on “Lean and Agile Supply Chain and Logistics Management” which can be delivered to specific companies live on Zoom (five person minimum).

The subject couldn’t be more timely as company’s strive to use their Supply Chains to achieve a competitive advantage while at the same time dealing with the added pressures of the Pandemic, the emergence of Omni Channel retail and various other impacts of natural and manmade activities on the Global Supply Chain.

The presenter, Paul Myerson, is the author of the Amazon best seller “Lean Supply Chain and Logistics Management“, and a well known Supply Chain Thought Leader, having written an Inbound Logistics Magazine column on the topic since 2012.

The Webinar Series, based primarily upon his book, will describe how to identify and eliminate waste in your organization’s Supply Chain and Logistics function. It will also provide explanations of both basic and advanced Lean tools, as well as specific Lean implementation opportunities.

Mr. Myerson will also describe a Lean and Agile implementation methodology with critical success factors. Real-world examples to help demonstrate how to effectively use this powerful strategy to realize significant, long-term improvements and bottom-line savings.

The cost for the Webinar is $99 USD/person.

For more information and to register for either webinar, please fill out our “Contact Form” here, email us at “” or call us at (732) 441-3879.

Online Certificate Programs - Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics Program

Starting September 2021, we will be offering a Supply Chain and Logistics Management (SCLM) Certificate Program. The program, delivered live via Zoom, will be for working professionals either in the Supply Chain Management field or those interested in learning more about it, as well as non-Supply Chain Management major college students interested in it as a possible career field.

Program Overview

Supply Chain and Logistics Management is a fundamental component in any goods or service industry and therefore it’s critical that organizations run their Supply Chain effectively and efficiently to be successful.

Our multi-level SCLM Certificate Program will familiarize students with the “art and science” of today’s Supply Chain through classroom instruction and hands-on, real-world applications. Participants will gain a holistic introduction to the Supply Chain and understand the concepts that interrelate manufacturers, markets, suppliers, warehouses, retailers, and customers, all while creating net value and avoiding risk.

Program Scope and Sequence

The SCLM Certificate program consists of a Level 1 (Basic – one course) Certificate and a Level 2 (Advanced – three courses) Certificate. Upon completion of each Level, a Certificate will be awarded.

Participants who do not want to take the entire sequence in Level 2 are welcome to take course(s) that interest them pending prerequisite knowledge.

A little more on the two Certificates:

Level 1 SCLM Certificate (Basic – one course) – An “Introduction to Supply Chain and Logistics Management” class will be taught live online via Zoom starting September 2021. It will be held twice per week (80 minutes/class in length) for seven weeks. The class will be offered in both in the Fall and Spring (dates and times to be announced).

An efficient, responsive and cost-effective Supply Chain is crucial for a firm’s success in today’s volatile economy and competitive market environment. Through this class, we will cover a comprehensive range of topics and concepts in Supply Chains, and enjoy a spectrum of industrial examples and cases to understand the important role and value of Supply Chains. This class lays the foundation for a Supply Chain professional and will be suitable for careers/jobs in areas such as Supply Chain, Transportation and Logistics, Procurement and Purchasing and Operations.

Level 2 SCLM Certificate (Advanced – three courses required) – Multiple SCLM courses (same format as Level 1) such as Logistics (i.e. Transportation and Distribution), Procurement/Sourcing, Demand and Supply Planning, Lean Supply Chain and Supply Chain Strategy and Risk Management that will be offered starting in the February of 2022.

The Level 1 SCLM certificate course will be delivered by Paul Myerson, author of six books on SCLM (see “Publications” tab for more details) with over 35 years of industry, consulting and teaching SCLM and Operations Management experience and currently a SCLM Instructor at Monmouth University.

The Level 2 SCLM certificate courses will be taught by Paul Myerson as well as several other distinguished SCLM instructors with impressive backgrounds (more on them as we get closer to September 2021).

Who Should Attend

The SCLM Certificate program is designed for current or aspiring Supply Chain professionals who are looking to familiarize themselves with Supply Chain functions, standards and terminology and learn new skills to increase their value and potential. Anyone who manages or works with or for outside suppliers, vendors or partners (ex: Transportation, Warehousing or Third Party Logistics providers) will also benefit.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of both levels of the program, students will:

  • Know the key concepts and terminology
  • Be able to define and apply the SCOR and other strategic models
  • Describe the alignment of supply chain practices and priorities to overall goals and objectives
  • Deliver a value proposition that aligns with corporate mission and values
  • Outline processes and tools to manage warehousing, distribution, and transportation
  • Understand purchasing, distribution, inventory management, and vendor management
  • Develop and execute a sound negotiation strategy

Corporate/Group dedicated course customization (minimum number of students required) and discounts available.

Feel free to join our “Supply Chain Smarts” Group Page on LinkedIn to stay updated.

The cost for the seven week (dates and times to be announced) Level 1 Certification Fall course will be $1,499 USD. For more information and to register for this webinar series, please fill out our “Contact Form” here, email us at “” or call us at (732) 441-3879.

Advisory Services:

Oceanlink Group | Supply Chain Consulting

The Value of Effective Supply Chain Management

Business people have long appreciated the value of effectively managing the Supply Chain (SC) or Logistics process. Supply Chain and Logistics functions include the management of customer service/order entry, purchasing, inventory management, forecasting, production planning, distribution center operations, traffic/transportation and computerized logistics and SC systems.

The Logistics process alone can absorb 7.5% and more of every sales dollar and Supply Chain costs in total can range from 50-80% of total sales and both directly affect customer satisfaction.

LPA, LLC provides answers to cost reduction and service questions.

What Opportunities are Available to you?

Innovative Supply Chain strategies, re-engineering of the Supply Chain and information flow along with the effective use of your resources can:

  • Improve inventory turns and customer service levels.
  • Identify opportunities to improve process and information flow.
  • Enhance efficient consumer response (ECR) resulting in increased sales.
  • Provide logistics network optimization.
  • Consolidate/re-organize traffic and transportation functions to reduce shipping costs per unit.

LPA, LLC will identify and capture these and other opportunities for you.

What Specific Supply Chain Services are Needed?

  • Identification of Supply Chain Best Practices.
  • Strategic and Operations Planning.
  • Selection of Supply Chain and Manufacturing information technology.
  • Identify and eliminate waste with Lean Enterprise.
  • Determination, quantification and implementation of Supply Chain improvements.
  • Facilitation of the creation and enhancement of process-flow diagrams and Value Stream Maps.
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Management training.

LPA, LLC has experience with these and other value-added services including employee training on topics such as Lean Enterprise, Supply Chain, Logistics/Distribution, Materials Management and Production and Operations Management.

Again, for more information call us today at (732) 441-3879 or email us at ““.

Why do you Need a Supply Chain Consultant?

  • Consultants provide objectivity free of pressures and prejudices.
  • Consultants bring experience and knowledge often not found in an organization
  • Consultants can support a plan of action and aid in the implementation.
  • Upon completing the project your company has flexibility in staffing.
  • Consultants are not burdened with the daily chores of in-house staff and can put full attention to issues and achieving improvements.
  • Consultants provide a second opinion and a fresh perspective when in-house staff have become “too close” to the problem.

How do you Choose a Supply Chain Consultant?

Your Supply Chain consultant should be available to you at the right time and at the right price – with the right qualifications.