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Value of effective Supply Chain Management

Business people have long appreciated the value of effectively managing the Supply Chain (SC) or Logistics process. Supply Chain and Logistics functions include the management of customer service/order entry, purchasing, inventory management, forecasting, production planning, distribution center operations, traffic/transportation and computerized logistics and SC systems.

The Logistics process alone can absorb 7.5% and more of every sales dollar and Supply Chain costs in total can range from 50-80% of total sales and both directly affect customer satisfaction.

LPA, LLC provides answers to cost reduction and service questions.

What opportunities are available to you?

Innovative Supply Chain strategies, re-engineering of the Supply Chain and information flow along with the effective use of your resources can:

  • Improve inventory turns and customer service levels.
  • Identify opportunities to improve process and information flow.
  • Enhance efficient consumer response (ECR) resulting in increased sales.
  • Provide logistics network optimization.
  • Consolidate/re-organize traffic and transportation functions to reduce shipping costs per unit.

LPA, LLC will identify and capture these and other opportunities for you.

What specific Supply Chain services are Needed?

  • Identification of Supply Chain Best Practices.
  • Strategic and Operations Planning.
  • Selection of Supply Chain and Manufacturing information technology.
  • Identify and eliminate waste with Lean Enterprise.
  • Determination, quantification and implementation of Supply Chain improvements.
  • Facilitation of the creation and enhancement of process-flow diagrams and Value Stream Maps.
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Management training.

LPA, LLC has experience with these and other value-added services including employee training on topics such as Lean Enterprise, Supply Chain, Logistics/Distribution, Materials Management and Production and Operations Management.

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Why do you need a Supply Chain Consultant?

  • Consultants provide objectivity free of pressures and prejudices.
  • Consultants bring experience and knowledge often not found in an organization
  • Consultants can support a plan of action and aid in the implementation.
  • Upon completing the project your company has flexibility in staffing.
  • Consultants are not burdened with the daily chores of in-house staff and can put full attention to issues and achieving improvements.
  • Consultants provide a second opinion and a fresh perspective when in-house staff have become “too close” to the problem.

How do you choose a Supply Chain Consultant?

Your Supply Chain consultant should be available to you at the right time and at the right price – with the right qualifications.